Pézenas city


Ancient Languedoc capital

Pézenas has a impressive amount of old luxury mansions from XVI -XVIIth century. During almost two centuries, Pézenas was under the Montmorency family protection than the Prince de Conti. It gave enormous power and attraction to the city which became a place to be for wealthy people.

Every saturday, for centuries, a big market will fill the main street “Cours Jean Jaurès”. Depends of seasons, you can find tomatoes, garlic, meat, fresh mediterranean fishes, local oignons, figs, olives, green asparagus…and good South of France atmosphere !

Pézenas is also famous for its segond-hand goods shops. Not less than 4O antic dealers run shops where you can find mirors, chairs, wooden furnitures, old clothes, chandeliers, ethnics scultures..

Artists city

Craftmen are everywhere in historical centre : iron worker, stonemasons, cabinetmaker, costumier, creative artists, puppeteers. The famous “les Ateliers d’Art de France” présent art exposition on main historical centre place in “Consul house”

Old iron balcony details, wooden sculptured doors and Hotel Privet from 16th to 18th centruy, present the architechture heritage of Pézenas with more than 30 building classified “Historical monuments”. Do not miss the “old Theatre” which was originally a chapel, and complety renovated  to re-open in 2012. Hôtels des Barons de Lacoste, l’Hôtel d’Alfonse, l’Hôtel de Peyrat are also places to visit.

Porte diamantée de Pézenas, stone sculpture  Porte biaise à Pézenas, rare angle door  Porte troubadour à Pézenas

In Pézenas, there are few museums as door museum, Toys museum, Boby Lapointe room, Molière scénovision,

Festivals in Pézenas

The city and many associations organise all year round, many festivals :

les Rencontres cinématographiques (movies in February),
le Carnaval (mardi gras, in fébruary),
le Printival (music festival in April),
Molière dans tous ses états (Theatre festival in June),
Sain Joan (occitan party in june),
La Mirondela dels arts (theatre, concert July and August),
Pézenas Enchantée (baroque music, opera, october),
Martror (occitan halloween in November),
La Maman des poissons (children book in November),
Nadal (chrismas)…
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